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Chris Killip images now on iMuseum

Posted on 08.08.2016

Stunning black and white images of Isle of Man people and places, taken by Manx-born photographer Chris Killip between 1970 and 1973, have been added to iMuseum. Our hugely popular exhibition ‘Chris Killip’s Isle of Man Revisited’ recently closed at the Manx Museum – the evocative images featured are now available to view online.


PG/14734 Chris Killip © Kent Rodzwicz

Here’s what our visitors said about the exhibition:

“So many memories, so many people I remember. I could hear the people from my childhood talking back to me”

“Wonderful to see photo of my grandmother feeding the hens!” 

Exhibition curator Wendy Thirkettle (Archivist at Manx National Heritage) says:

“Throughout the exhibition members of the public were invited to leave comments, help identify people and share anecdotes.  We had always hoped that there would be an interaction with visitors, but the details contributed have surpassed our initial hopes.  Now viewers on iMuseum have the opportunity to contribute too.”

Here’s a selection of our favourite visitor comments:


PG/14444/1/50 Andrew Moore of Balladoole farm, Arbory

‘A lovely boy.  We were at school together.  Went too soon’.

‘A real gentleman’.

‘Badly missed’.

‘Insisted on no eulogy at his funeral.  He farmed in a very traditional way and threshed grain to provide straw to MNH for thatching at Cregneish.  He held a science degree but farming was his life’.


PG/1444/3/51 Jack Irving’s pop cart, Peel

‘Lovely to see picture of Jackie Irving delivering ‘pop’; brought back many memories of my childhood in the 50s when I used to stay with my granddad who lived at Bridge St.  Jackie was a very distant relative; as a special treat I was allowed to go and watch him make pop in big stone sinks in his factory – now ‘Pop Cottage’, Atholl St.  He lived at the Lodge up the road.  He also used to give me rides on his delivery wagon around Peel. And the pop was lovely!’


PG/14444/2/74  Henry and Dorothy Boyd, Barregarrow

‘Mrs Boyd cooked great Ginger cake and meringues for village events (Kirk Michael).  She used to take me to school sometimes with Bob (son) as I didn’t like going on my own’. 


PG/14444/2/63 May Shimmin, ‘the post girl’, St Johns

‘May is my Aunt.  I remember going on her post round with her on my bike – from St Johns – all up ‘The Tops’ of Greeba and out to Appledore.  I was worn out after one day. May was doing it every day in all weather.  Until she got her van that is’.

Do you know any of the people or places featured in the Chris Killip collection? Help us capture rich memories of this bygone era by leaving your comments on iMuseum.

Please note that the photographs are provided as reference images on iMuseum and Manx National Heritage does not supply prints.  Manx National Heritage possesses only 250 images provided by Chris Killip although it is understood he took more than this. 

Wendy Thirkettle (Manx National Heritage Archivist)