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Dissertations and theses now on iMuseum

Posted on 07.12.2016

From December 2016 people can browse through references for over 550 dissertations, theses, essays and academic reports with Manx subject matter, available for study in the Reading Room at the Manx Museum.

Topics chosen for undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral work are far ranging and include studies within marine biology, archaeology, politics, geography, history, musicology, Manx language, literature and internment.

The natural habitat of the Island is investigated in the shorebird study of Langness (MS 08936; MD 12587) and the breeding performance of the hen harrier on the Calf of Man (MS 12647/1); the racing habitat is investigated in ‘The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Motor-Cycle Races 1907 to the 1960s: Politics, Economics and National Identity’ (MS 12024/1) and the study of possible cultural meaning attached to TT t-shirts (MS 13472).

TT Tshirt thesis illustration_MS 13472 001

Title page to Anthony Cain’s 2013 TT t-shirts study (MS 13472)


Eye-catching titles include ‘Manx Sovereignty and the British Nuclear Industry’ (MS 13989), ‘Gender in the Isle of Man 1659-1683’ (MS 13833/3), ‘The Isle of Vice? …’ (MS 13593), ‘Language Learning in Pubs, Tea Rooms and other Non-Formal Settings’ (MS 13134)  and ‘ “There’s A Boat in the Morning!” …’ (MS 13993/2).

MS 10349 illustration 001

One of many illustrations within John Dog Callister’s 1994 diploma piece, ‘The Glen Wyllin Catchment’ (MS 10349)


Keen eyes will spot that many of the students had links to the Port Erin Marine Laboratory and the Centre for Manx Studies.  Thankfully the Isle of Man related research output of these University of Liverpool-funded bodies remains on island.

A wealth of information exists in the manuscript collection of the MNH Library and Archives.  Descriptions of assorted content are being prepared for release on iMuseum.  An overview of our manuscript holdings is available via Archives Hub.


Wendy Thirkettle (Manx National Heritage Archivist)