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Login to newspapers online: step-by-step guidance

Posted on 16.02.2017

Want some help navigating the new site? Here’s our step-by-step guide to login:

1. Click the ‘Login’ button on the homepage:

2. You will be directed to Government Online Services. Please enter your username and password and click Login:

3. Click the link in the box ‘iMuseum Newspapers and Publications’:

4. You’ll then be directed to the newspapers Search screen:

5. Running a search will retrieve a list of  results:

6. When you click into an article to view it, you may get the following message ‘Click OK to Proceed’. You then may get a second message ‘Click OK to Verify Your Subscription’.

7. Once you’ve clicked OK to both messages, you’ll be returned to your search results where you can click into a result and view as usual.

8. The newspaper article will appear in a pop-up window:


Once you’ve logged into the site you should find the new service significantly faster and hopefully better.

If you’re not sure about something on the new iMuseum Newspapers & Publications website or want to just give us feedback then please email: [email protected]. We’re here to help.