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George Henry Fitzroy Somerset Raglan

Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man

Record type: First World War Biographies

Biography: George Henry Fitzroy Somerset, Lord Raglan, had been Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man since 1902. He was already unpopular before the war, due to his intransigence in blocking popular reform measures which paralleled those being introduced in the United Kingdom by the Liberal government. Matters came to a head during the First World War, when he refused to help those in the Isle of Man who were in financial difficulty due to the wartime collapse of the tourist industry. There was no democratic means of removing the Lieutenant Governor, even though he controlled the Island's finances, and at Tynwald Day 1916 he was hit by a sod of earth thrown from the crowd, such was the odium felt towards him. (Image ref: PG/0625)

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 1902

Date of death: 1919


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