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Talk by John Stowell Kenyon about the Gill, Gell family of Kennaa farm, German parish, Isle of Man

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Date(s): 1991

Scope & Content: Tracks 1 and 2: talk by John Stowell Kenyon to the Manx Conservation Trust about the Gill, Gell family of Kennaa farm, German parish, Isle of Man. Introduction to the speaker (including a brief biography) by Charles Guard.

John says his talk is entitled ‘The family that was’ and is a portrayal of Manx social history up until the First World War. He talks about primary and secondary sources for researching Manx family history. He then talks about the Gell or Gill family of Kennaa including where they lived; Blundell’s 1556 description of a Manx cottage and boundaries; Church rules; descendants of the original Gill family; Prayer Book translated into Manx; 8th Earl of Derby making it compulsory for tenants to attend schools; Bishop Barrow (1663-1671) raising money to send people to Dublin to be educated; Bishop Rutter and the Countess of Derby and Act of Settlement 1703/4; George Moore of Peel; John and Mary’s nine children probably educated at Peel Clothworkers School; descendants’occupations; smallpox epidemic of 1772-3; Henry Gell of Peel and his family; connection between Sicily and the Isle of Man; how the name Gell was replaced by Gill; Joseph Gill and Corlett and Gill; William Henry Gill (1839-1932); Gell and Gill advocates; Reverend William Gill; Mr Farrant describes how Janet’s Corner in Castletown was named; Sir Frank Gill, Hugh Stowell Gill and Annie Warren Gill.

Miss Ann Harrison, archivist, Manx Museum Library, thanks Mr Kenyon for a most interesting talk.

Administration / Biographical History: John Stowell Kenyon, businessman and local antiquarian (1908-1998).

Language: English

Extent: 1 hr. 14 min. 48 sec.

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ID number: SA 0349

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