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Monologue by William Cubbon (Manx Museum), 'My Mother's Days'

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Date(s): 11 August 1949

Creator(s): Manx Museum

Scope & Content: Monologue by William Cubbon talking about his life and family. At the start William speaks Manx Gaelic as a sound test; William talks about his early home life in the Isle of Man with his mother as a busy woman and his father, with most of the stories he remembers being those told to his father by neighbours; he recalls his father who was born in Orrisdale and went to school at the church where the master was Thomas Qualtrough, a shoemaker and the parish clerk, whose wife took the lessons; father born on New Year's day 1829; story about his father at school when the custom of the 'dead bell' for a deceased relative rang in 1840; he mentions the parish accounts and clerk's emoluments including the plough payments; he describes his mother's childhood days in Kirk Arbory; how she was a good singer in the choir and would gather primroses to make primrose tea; an old lady who lived nearby who took snuff; Christmas Eve with choirs singing carvals and the Borders Choir led by Cannell who had a school at Balladoole; carvals in Manx Gaelic.

He talks about his mother's tales of her childhood about Joss Comish, Neddy Gawne, brewer and banker of Kentraugh; how mother walked to Peel hiring fair on St Patrick's day for a 'skeet' and how she was told to take rest at St Patrick's chair; William recalls a story from 1873 when he was aged 8 about a telegram for Mrs Christian and her son Tom thought drowned at the fishing but who made it to Kinsale; he talks about the only person he knew who was a Manx speaker and quotes him speaking about an approaching storm in Manx; Tom Trumble flailing corn; the Comish family and the father who was a miner at Ballacorkish lead mine; mine accident; Comish's funeral, his widow and children and how the widow asked for a loan to start a shop; he tells a story about Kirk Braddan, as told to him by Jackie Dan Kneen, about McQuine the miller of East Baldwin and his son Gilbert and how a blackbird warned the miller against dishonesty (he sings the Manx Gaelic song of the blackbird); he reads two unpublished extracts in Anglo-Manx dialect by T.E. Brown about the Christians of Ballabeg and the Quirks of Ballamoar arranging a marriage between their heirs Richard and Nell; and he starts to tell a story about Richard Karran, Eleanor Cannell and Jo Leece.

(The sound recording ends mid-sentence.)

Administration / Biographical History: This recording was made for the Manx Folk Life Survey.

William Cubbon was a journalist, librarian and director of the Manx Museum (1865-1955).

Language: English

Extent: 34 min. 17 sec.

Item name: magnetic tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0069

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Subject tags : #UOSH, #UOSHManxFolkLifeSurvey


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