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Book of farmers' ear and paint marks used to differentiate sheep in the Isle of Man

Date(s): 1885

Creator(s): unknown

Scope & Content: This book of farmers' marks records ear marks and paint marks. Accompanying the volume is correspondance presumably collected in order to produce the article 'A lost Ancient Manx Custom brought to Light - Quine the Foster's record of Sheep Ear-Marks' (see Journal of the Manx Museum, vol 3 pp 83-87).

The following farmers are named and their sheep identifiers described: James Allan - Grange; John Allen - Narradale; William Bunneyatt - Grenaby; Isabella Boyd - Ballacross; James Blyth - Glentraugh; John and William Brew - Butchers, Ramsey; William Cowley - Baljean; John Cannell - Ballacoviley; William Cowley - Ballacregga; Evan Christian - Barregarrow; William Corlett - Ballasalla; John Christian, Joseph Clague - Clieu Moor; William Cannan - Claughbane; Edward Henry Christian - Knockaloe; William Cooil - Vaish; Thomas Caugherty - Shenvalley; George Cain - Braaid; Thomas Craine - Ballacragga; William Cowley - Cammall; Robert Cowin - Sulby; John Corlett - Clanagh; J Cannan - Glenauldyn; Corkill - Ballajora; Caley - Glenauldyn; William Cowley - Baljean; John Collister - Ballacollister; John Cannell - Ballacanane; James Duggan - Laxey Hill; Sir William Lace Drinkwater - Kirby; William Ewart - Druidale; Robert Ellison - Ballabeg; Thomas Fisher - Ballaclarke; Fred Faragher - Church Farm; Thomas Faragher - Steward (Staward); John Griffin - Ballavere; Evan Gell - Ellerslie; James Gelling - Butcher. Ramsey; William Garrett - Gardener. Ramsey; Thomas Goldie - Ballamoar; James Greensheilds - Snaefell Commission; Ann Harrison - Colby; R.G. Hoyle - Farmhill; Gilbert Jones - Slegaby; William Kneen - Ballacregga; William Kermode - Ballaglass; John Kewley - Snaefell; Ann Kaighin - Curragh; Philip Kneale - Dove Hill; James Killey - Raggart; John Kermode - Kionslieu; John Killip - Rock; William Killip - Curragh; Caesar Kelly - Grange; John Kennedy - Ramsey; John Kaighin - Ballamoar Curragh; John Kneale - Butcher, Ramsey; Thomas Kelly - Balldromma; John Lord - 24 Church Street, Ramsey; Thomas Moore - Ballagawne; Thomas Joseph Mobror - [Ballacasthy]; James McVinnie - Ballaugh; Arthur Matthews - Ballanhowin; Robert Maddrell - Ballalough; James Mylrea - Sulby Glen; James Martin - Knock e Dhooney; Joseph McCormick - Butcher, Ramsey; John Norton - Ballaleigh; James Oates - Cronk a Berry; William Quirk - Ballacallin; William Quayle - Ballamoore; John Quayle - Ballaleece; Thoams Quayle - Ballaquayle; Benjamin Quine - Baldwin; Edward Quayle - Ballaskilla; John Quayle - Kerrowmoar; John Quayle - Ballavarkish; William Quirk - near Lezayre Church; Quirk - Sartfell; James Skillicorn - Gretch Vane; Patrick Savage - Grawe; Edward Shimmin - Granaby; Christopher Sayle - Dry Close; William Sharpe - Narradale; and Thomas Teare - Guileagh.

Language: English

Extent: 1 volume

Item name: Manuscript

Collection: Manuscript Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: MS 00039

Retrieval number: MS 00039 B

Record class: Private

Access conditions: No regulations or restrictions are implemented on this material. Advance notification of a research visit is advisable by emailing


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