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2013 250 Classic TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 150.92 miles (4 laps)


1Cutts, Jonathan1:37:13.0093.139Suzuki
2Wakefield, Peter1:38:53.0091.572Suzuki
3Bates, Geoff1:47:56.0083.888Honda
4Jackson, Tom1:48:33.0083.411Suzuki
5Bell, Henry1:48:52.0083.165Honda
6Millinship, Bob1:52:07.0080.764Ducati
7Smallbones, Alan1:24:20.0080.519Ducati
8Woolsey, Robert John1:25:07.0079.785Suzuki
RJackson, Alan BudSuzuki
R=Symes, PeterSuzuki


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