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1937 Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 264.25 miles (7 laps)


1Tenni, Omobono3:32:06.0074.72Guzzi
2Wood, Ginger3:32:43.0074.5Excelsior
3Thomas, Ernie3:36:36.0073.17DKW
4Archer, Les J.3:37:09.0072.98New Imperial
5Wunsche, Siegfried3:38:42.0072.47DKW
6Tattersall, Chris3:48:52.0069.25CTS
7Moore, C.V.3:55:10.0067.39New Imperial
8Smith, Stan3:59:03.0066.3Excelsior
9Martin, Les4:03:26.0065.1Cotton
REngland, LoftyCotton
RPepper, GeorgeCotton
RWhitworth, DavidCotton
RMann, JohnnyCTS
RKluge, EwaldDKW
RGalway, JohnnyExcelsior
RManders, CharlieExcelsior
RSmith, TyrellExcelsior
RSorensen, SvenExcelsior
RTiffen jnr, BillyExcelsior
RWarren, PipNew Imperial
RCook, N.OK
RGoddard, SydOK Supreme
RRenwick, StanOK
RWarburton, HaroldOK
RHartley, HaroldRudge
RWoods, StanleyGuzzi


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