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1948 Lightweight MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)


1Dale, Dickie3:05:10.0073.36Moto Guzzi
2Barrett, Ernie3:14:42.0069.77Moto Guzzi
3Gill, P.D.3:20:13.0067.86Excelsior
4Clarke, W.3:27:17.0065.53Excelsior
5Marsh, Reg3:34:42.0063.27Excelsior
6Weston, P.H.3:35:02.0063.17Rudge
7Lomas, Bill3:40:40.0061.56Royal Enfield
8Racle, C.F.3:41:17.0061.39Excelsior
9Holden, C.3:42:17.0061.11Excelsior
10Clegg, Tom3:49:15.0059.28CTS
11Whelan, Don3:49:44.0059.14Rudge
12Henthorn, Arnold4:06:37.0055.08Velocette
RColeman, FrankExcelsior
RCope, FrankAJS
RCrighton, D.G.New Imperial
RDowning, H.J.Velocette
RDulson, JohnVelocette
RJenness, BillExcelsior
RJones, A.W.Rudge
RLeyshon, W.F.Rudge
RParry, LenNew Imperial
RPenney, Bob
RPenton, H.R.Endura
RScott, J.R.Rudge
RSparrow, JackExcelsior
RSpillane, J.New Imperial
RTargett, A.J.Rudge
RWilkerson, R.J.Rudge
REdwards, Robin J.CTS
RGeeson, BobREG
RPearce, HarryExcelsior
RFletcher, FrankExcelsior


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