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1952 Ultra Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 113.19 miles (3 laps)


1Sandford, Cecil1:29:54.8075.54MV
2Ubbiali, Carlo1:31:35.0074.16Mondial
3Parry, Len1:34:02.6072.22Mondial
4McCandless, Cromie1:37:13.4069.86Mondial
5Copeta, Alfredo1:38:33.4068.92MV
6Burman, Frank1:47:34.0063.14Puch
7Williams, Harvey1:57:02.4058.03BSA
8Grindley, Howard1:57:42.0057.71Royal Enfield
9Mavrogordato, Noel1:58:47.0057.18Puch
10Hardy, Eric1:59:03.0057.08DOT
11French, Lionel2:07:15.0053.38Puch
12Penney, Bob2:09:11.0052.58Puch
RJones, AlbertAnelay
RSunderland, MiltonAnelay
RNewman, GuyDOT
RHogan, JackPuch
RHall, BillRoyal Enfield


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