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1954 Sidecar TT

Course name: Clypse

Course length: 114 miles (10 laps)


1Oliver, Eric & Nutt, Les1:34:00.2068.87Norton
2Hillebrand, Fritz & Grunwald, Manfred1:35:56.2067.58BMW
3Noll, Wilhelm & Cron, Fritz1:39:16.4065.22BMW
4Schneider, Walter & Strauss, Hans1:40:27.4064.45BMW
5Drion, Jacques & Stoll, Inge1:41:18.0063.91Norton
6Boddice, Bill & Pirie, John1:43:22.8062.63Norton
7Beeton, Jackie1:43:23.4062.62Norton
8Walker, Ernie & Roberts, D.G.1:44:17.2062.08Norton
9Taylor, Frank & Taylor, Ray1:44:35.2061.9Norton
10Taylor, Len & Glover, F.P.1:46:02.0061.06Norton
11Wijns, Jacques1:47:13.2060.38Norton
12Davis, Ted1:49:02.0059.38Matchless
13Beevers, Bill & Mundy, W.J.1:51:27.2058.08Norton
14Yorke, Derek & Green, E.J.1:56:50.0055.41Norton
15Young, Ted1:58:13.2054.76Triumph
RSmith, Cyril & Dibben, StanNorton
RGarrington, Freddie & PaskinNorton
RHarris, Pip & Holder, G.Norton
RSkein, Alec & Overall, DonNorton


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