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1957 Senior TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 302 miles (8 laps)

Description: 1957 was the Golden Jubilee of the TT and Bob McIntyre ensured his name would forever remain in the record books, as he became the first man to lap the Mountain Course at over 100mph. He rose to the occasion in fine style and led the gruelling 8-lap Senior race from start to finish to claim a record win, just four days after he had achieved a similar feat in the Junior race.


1McIntyre, Bob3:02:57.0098.99Gilera
2Surtees, John3:05:04.2097.86MV
3Brown, Bob3:09:02.0095.81Gilera
4Dale, Dickie3:10:52.4094.89Guzzi
5Campbell, Keith3:14:10.2093.27Guzzi
6Trow, Alan3:15:17.0092.74Norton
7King, Alistair3:16:16.0092.27Norton
8Murphy, Peter3:16:47.6092.02Matchless
10Barker, Roger3:19:29.0090.79Norton
11Codd, Bernard3:20:42.0090.24Norton
12Fox, Frank M.3:20:59.0090.11Norton
13Bryen, Keith3:21:14.0089.99Matchless
14Davey, Peter3:22:15.6089.53Norton
15Catlin, George3:22:24.8089.47Norton
16Minter, Derek2:32:02.8089.19Norton
17Costain, George3:24:45.2088.45Norton
18Tostevin, Ken3:25:50.0088.16Norton
19Denton, Ben3:25:33.4088.11Norton
20Anderson, John3:26:15.6087.8Norton
21Carr, Louis3:27:32.8087.26Matchless
22Setaro, Stan3:27:36.2087.24Norton
23Wheeler, Arthur3:28:20.4086.93Guzzi
24Fay, Ray3:28:54.4086.69Norton
25Tully, Kevan3:30:35.4086Norton
26Willis, Ken3:31:07.8085.77Norton
27Lowe, Harry3:31:22.6085.67BSA
28Tanner, Geoff3:31:38.8085.57Norton
29O'Rourke, Mike3:31:59.0085.43Norton
30Roberton, Bill3:34:15.0084.53Norton
31Capner, Roy3:34:47.0084.32Norton
32Barrett, Ernie3:35:43.6083.95Norton
33King, Robert3:38:25.0082.92Norton
34Jones, Albert3:39:01.2082.69AJS
35King, Basil3:40:59.4081.96Norton
36Ranson, Llewellyn3:41:00.6081.94Norton
37Rowbottom, Bob3:42:33.4081.38Norton
38Glazebrook, Joe3:51:42.6078.16AJS
RCameron, StanAJS
RZeller, WalterBMW
RAharonian, AntranegBSA
RGrant, HarryBSA
RHancock, WalterBSA
RMustard, AndrewBSA
RPennington, GrenvilleBSA
RSalt, CharlieBSA
RWallis, FredBSA
RChristian, DennisMatchless
RFerguson, BobMatchless
RNorris, FrankNorton
R=Powell, DerekMatchless
RThomson, DickMatchless
RBrett, JackNorton
RBrindley, JoeNorton
RChadwick, DaveNorton
RChapman, DonNorton
RCousins, RonaldNorton
RGate, UlfNorton
RHempleman, JohnNorton
RHinton, EricNorton
RLilley, RonNorton
RMcCutcheon, NoelNorton
RMorle, BernardNorton
RNorthwood, GeorgeNorton
RPlews, HarryNorton
RPurslow, BrianNorton
RRensen, RalphNorton
RSalt, GeorgeNorton
RSetchell, BrianNorton
RTickle, DonNorton
RWalker, DerekNorton
RWilliams, VictorNorton
RYeates, IanNorton
RBanks, JohnNorton
RClark, JohnGuzzi
RTait, PercyNorton
RMoule, Albert E.Norton
RWood, JackNorton
RBeevers, BillNorton


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