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1958 Ultra Lightweight TT

Course name: Clypse

Course length: 114 miles (10 laps)

Description: 1958 Ultra-lightweight TT

Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 6 June 1958 (p. 3), below which is a full list of competitors:

M.V. "HatTrick"
Ubbiali Wins For Italy by 13 Seconds
Provini’s Bid For "Double " Ends With Crash

Grandstand, Wednesday.
Carlo Ubbiali completed an M.V. "hat trick" to-day when he won the Lightweight 125 c.c. T.T. Race for Italy, following their successes in the Junior and 250 c.c. class. It was a thrilling race, although no records were broken, and after team mate Provini had crashed on the fifth lap Ubbiali was lying handy to take the lead, with Taveri (Ducati) chasing him, but Taveri was stopped later.

At the end of the first lap it was Ubbiali , Provini and Taveri, but a few minutes after starting their second lap Taveri had taken over leadership of the race from Ubbiali.

Within seconds of Taveri and his followers being flagged through Creg-ny Baa, Ubbiali jumped into the lead and kept that position up to Ballacoar, where he eventually drew away from compatriot Provini and Taveri. But at Hall's Corner Provini decided to join his countryman and passed Taveri.

And then came a sensation. Provini disappeared from the leaders before Signpost Corner on the fifth lap and Ubbiali shot into the lead ahead of Taveri. Provini came off just above the Nursery Hotel on the fast left hander and walked down to the Manx Arms on his way to the Start.

In the meantime. Ubbiali was 40 yards ahead of Taveri at Hall's Corner on the sixth lap and drawing away slightly. The displacement of Provini brought East German rider, E. Degner, on to the leader board.

Now Taveri was out. Commentator David Lay from the Creg said that the rider had pulled in 300 yards below him and was taking off his helmet. This brought Dave Chadwick into second place, a position he held in the Junior T.T., and according to reports he was hotfoot after Ubbiali.
It was reported that Taveri had not retired but had only "stopped."

Streaking through for the eighth lap, Ubbiali was 36 seconds ahead of Chadwick, butthe Manchester rider was slowly gaining on the Italian. Meanwhile, there were four seconds between Chadwick and Ferri, while behind them were Sammy Miller, going great guns, and the two East German riders, Degner and Fugner, on M.Z. machines. This was going to be an exciting battle right to the end.

Hard luck, Chadwick!
Ubbiali passed through with Ferri close behind and anxious eyes waited for Dave. He came into the pits minutes behind the Italian Ferri, made an adjustment and carried on. Ubbiali went past the pits at high speed, and the time lag between him and Ferri was a mere 15 seconds. With one lap
to go it would take the latter all his time to catch the leading Italian, but it promised a really exciting finish. At Cronk-ny- Mona Ubbiali was still in the lead but the gap was narrowing.
As the crowd stood eagerly awaiting Ubbiali, his M.V. streaked down from Governor's Bridge to take the chequered flag and in a very short time Ferri crossed the line as second man, 13.2 secs.
behind the winner.


1Ubbiali, Carlo1:28:51.2072.86MV
2Ferri, Romolo1:29:04.4072.68Ducati
3Chadwick, Dave1:30:27.8071.56Ducati
4Miller, Sammy1:31:55.2070.43Ducati
5Degner, Ernst1:33:27.0069.28MZ
6Fugner, Horst1:33:43.8069.07MZ
7Hailwood, Mike1:34:27.6068.54Paton
8Purslow, Fron1:37:43.8066.24Ducati
9Wheeler, Arthur1:38:44.6065.56Mondial
10Allen, Douglas63.63Mondial
11Baughn, Jim63.31EMC
12Webster, Bill61.94MV
13Porter, Ross61.52MV
14Percival, Chris60.1MV
15Avery, Rex58.79LEF
16Harfield, Len55.65LCH
17Peden, Bill52.41Montesa
18Fairchild, Stan47.91Montesa
RTaveri, LuigiDucati
RFruin, BertFruin spl
RBound, JimMontesa
RCope, FrankMV
RDickinson, GaryMV
RMoore, DaveMV
RProvini, TarquinioMV


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