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1967 Senior TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)

Description: 1967 was the Diamond Jubilee of the TT. In the Senior race that year Mike Hailwood was pitted against his young and glamorous rival, Italian Giacomo Agostini, who was riding for MV Agusta. The lead changed from lap to lap on this most dramatic of TT races. Further tension was added when the twist grip on Mike’s handlebar came loose and he was seen in the pits frantically hammering at it to get it back on.
He went out to continue the race but Agostini was leading when his chain broke on the mountain, forcing him to retire. Hailwood took victory, but true sportsman that he was, not in the way that he would have liked to win, through the misfortune of a rival.


1Hailwood, Mike2:08:36.20105.62Honda
2Williams, Peter2:16:20.0099.64Matchless
3Spencer, Steve2:17:47.2098.59Norton
4Cooper, John2:18:20.4098.2Norton
5Stevens, Fred2:19:34.6097.32Paton
6Hartle, John2:19:50.0097.14Matchless
7Dickie, Tom2:20:22.8096.76Matchless
8McCosh, Billy2:21:11.0096.22Matchless
9Chandler, Ron2:22:49.6095.11Matchless
10Lee, Derek2:22:57.4095.03Matchless
11Butcher, Rex2:23:28.0094.69Norton
12Randle, Barry2:23:42.8094.53Norton
13Smith, Bill2:23:56.0094.38Matchless
14Marsovszky, Gyula2:24:35.4093.95Matchless
15Sanby, Charlie2:24:46.0093.83Norton
16McGurk, Tony2:24:53.6093.76Matchless
17Jolly, Steve2:25:35.0093.31Matchless
18Walmsley, Brian2:26:21.0092.82Norton
19Lund, Bernie2:26:30.4092.72Matchless
20Price, Norman2:26:56.8092.45Norton
21Keith, Gordon2:27:03.2092.38Norton
22Burne, Ian2:27:59.0091.79Norton
23Andersson, Billy2:30:42.0090.14Matchless
24Turner, Keith2:30:44.6090.12Matchless
25Atlee, Len2:31:00.8089.96Norton
26Cash, Doug2:38:22.4085.78Norton
27Knight, Ray2:38:59.8085.44Triumph
28Reid, Roy2:39:27.4085.19Norton
29Thompson, Colin2:40:06.2084.85Norton
30Moule, Albert E.2:42:07.2083.79Norton
31Neve, Chris2:43:42.0082.98Matchless
32Ablett, Ian2:46:04.2081.8BSA
33Blanchard, John2:47:44.8080.99Matchless
34Johnson, D.2:49:50.4079.98Norton
35Haddock, Albert2:55:06.8077.58Triton
36Evans, Hugh2:55:54.6077.23BSA
37Rice, Melvyn2:56:27.8076.99Vincent
RPasolini, RenzoBenelli
RCapstick, AlanBSA
RPenny, GrahamHonda
RAshton, JimMatchless
RCroxford, DaveMatchless
RDuckett, VinMatchless
RDuff, MikeMatchless
RGallagher, DenisMatchless
RGriffiths, SelwynMatchless
RMillard, StephenMatchless
RPrange, AlanMatchless
RWeil, LanceMatchless
RClark, BertMetisse
RKay, KenMetisse
RBenson, GodfreyNorton
RBreingan, RayNorton
RCarruthers, KelNorton
RConn, ChrisNorton
RDarvill, PeterNorton
RDunphy, JoeNorton
RGould, RodNorton
RHilton, VicNorton
RKempster, LesNorton
RLunde, MartyNorton
RNeveling, GarthNorton
RPeck, AlanNorton
RPovey, LawrenceNorton
RRead, TomNorton
RRutter, TonyNorton
RSapsford, BrianMatchless
RShorey, DanNorton
RStanton, MalcolmNorton
RWilliams, Keith D.Norton
RWillmott, TonyNorton
RBergamonti, AngeloPaton
RShepherd, EricTriton
RAgostini, GiacomoMV
RBiscardine, BobTriton
REvans, JimNorton
RFoulkes, DavidNorton
RJones, DerekBSA
RReynolds, HarryMetisse
RRichards, PeterNorton
RLawton, AlanNorton
RSteele, BobMatchless
RStrijbis, JanNorton
RTaylor, JohnMatchless
RWilliams, DavidBSA
RUphill, MalcolmNorton
RWalker, TomBSA
RWard, CarlNorton
RBrown, DaveNorton
RGill, TomMatchless


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