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George von Streng

Epithet: Douglas Camp internee, Isle of Man

Record type: First World War Internees

Biography: Escaped June 1916. Received from Liverpool Prison 13.10.1916. At 1.40 a.m. of 14.10.1916 he tried to escape by trying to climb the wire fence. He was stopped by a sentry and arrested by the C.M.P. Col. Madoc recommended a Military Court. Later in the day he was transferred to Douglas Gaol. (possibly see also 4713). A powerfully built man in his forties who, prior to his internment, had been a fireman on a steamboat. Regarded by the other men as something of a loner, he used to pace about the camp for days at a time without speaking to anyone. Received from Douglas Gaol 27.10.1916 to go before a Military Court held at Douglas Camp, charged with attempting to escape. He was found not guilty.

Received from Douglas Gaol 27.10.1916. Given the No. 4702 when he first entered Douglas Camp and given the No. 4713 when he returned to Douglas Camp 27.10.1916. 27.2.1917 3 prisoners 4713, 1871 & 1405 are reported to have escaped from the work party at Scarhill quarries, nr. Castletown. They were not recovered by nightfall. 28.2.1917 the escapees are still not captured. It was thought that they had taken a boat out of a boat-house at Port Erin which was found upside down floating in the bay and that they were drowned, but Col. Madoc did not believe that to be the case. 1.3.1917 the 3 escapees were captured in the early hours on the railway line between Port Soderick and Douglas. They were later brought before Col. Madoc and remanded for a Military Court. 5.3.1917 it was reported to Col. Madoc that he had broken the telephone connection etc. Col. Madoc ordered that he be hand-cuffed. 15.3.1917 he is reported to have escaped from the Guard Cells, with hand-cuffs on and through 2 lots of barbed wire, and nobody heard him. Col. Madoc reported the matter. 17.3.1917 he was recaptured by the Police during the morning at Kentraugh and returned to Douglas Camp. He was placed for safe custody in the Gaol. Later Col. Madoc took the necessary evidence to the Military Court. A military Court was held at Douglas Camp 23.3.1917 for the trial of Streng on 2 counts of attempting to escape. Sentence of the Court given 26.3.19174 of 224 days gaol without hard labour for the first charge and 336 days without hard labour for the second charge. Transferred to Douglas Prison 26.3.1917.

Received from Liverpool Prison 18.8.1917. 20.8.1917 Brought before the Camp Commandant 8.9.1917 for refusing to obey the orders of the Medical Officer that morning. Remanded for a Military Court. He was placed in the gaol to await trial, so as to save trouble. 17.9.1917 A Military Court sat at the Douglas Camp to try his case. The sentence will be promulgated in due course. 20.9.1917 Sentenced to 28 days imprisonment without hard labour. Transferred from Douglas Camp to Douglas Prison 20.9.1917. - Given a new number each time he re-entered Douglas Camp. Douglas Camp internee number: 4702 - 4713 - 5101. (MS 09310 Douglas Alien Detention Camp administration and discharge register;page 147.MS 09310 Douglas Alien Detention Camp administration and discharge register;page 148. MS 09310 Douglas Alien Detention Camp administration and discharge register;page 160 - Good Clean Fun F71q page 47. MD 15028/2 (MS 06465) 14.10.1916, 27.10.1916, 27.2.1917, 28.2.1917, 1.3.1917, 5.3.1917, 15.3.1917. 17.3.1917, 23.3.1917, 26.3.1917,18.8.1917, 8.9.1917, 17.9.1917, 20.9.1917,)

Nationality: German

Gender: Male


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