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Mrs Anna Barazetti

Title: Mrs

Epithet: Rushen Camp internee, Isle of Man (1940-1941)

Record type: Second World War Internees

Biography: Internee number: 1140

Lived in Prague and arrived in the UK on 10 March 1939. Conditional landing at Croydon. 26 October 1939. Exempt internment until further order. Refugee from Nazi oppression. Bedford Tribunal.

Address at time of internment was 8 Third Avenue, Sundon, Beds. Interned on the Isle of Man on 30 May 1940 at Rushen Camp. Went to Review Tribunal in Douglas on 28 October 1940, exempted from internment and left the Isle of Man on 4 July 1941 returning to 83 Mount Pleasant Road, Luton, Beds with child Nicolaus born 29 November 1937.

Identity book or registration certificate: 717270; date: 25 March 1939; issued at: Bow Street, London.

Registration Card includes internee passport photograph and signature.
Certificate of identity No. 1191 issued 11 February 1939 Prague.

Nationality: German

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 14 December 1912

Place of birth: Hamburg

Name Variant: Barazettiova, Anna


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Hello, i´m a historian and working on a biography of Anna Barazetti. May i can order a scan reproduction of her registration card incl. photograph? - Dr. Christian Gotthardt, Hamburg Report this