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Alan Atkins

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Sadly died, aged 28, competing in the 1983 Senior MGP.

Competed in

1983 Senior MGPRYamaha
1983 Junior MGP42:11:51.00103.01Yamaha
1982 Senior MGP72:17:55.0098.48Yamaha
1982 Junior MGPRYamaha
1981 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1981 Junior MGP142:13:47.00101.52Yamaha
1980 Lightweight MGP41:34:35.0095.72Yamaha
1980 Junior MGP122:16:30.0099.49Yamaha
1979 Lightweight MGP111:11:03.0095.6Yamaha
1979 Junior MGP252:20:32.0096.64Yamaha
1978 Lightweight MGP131:15:11.0090.31Yamaha
1977 Lightweight MGP201:38:54.0091.55Yamaha
1976 Lightweight MGP301:39:10.0091.3Yamaha
1975 Lightweight MGP341:52:13.0080.68Yamaha


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I’m trying to find info or videos of my dad racing. My dad was Alan Atkins, raced in Manx up until 1983 when he died in a crash on the circuit. If anyone has any info I would love to hear from you - Laura Atkins Report this

Alan Atkins - Robert Peabody Report this

Laura, I rode MGP on the Friday morning, Alan did my pit stop. Also Have some photos of him racing. Regards, Rob - Rob Peabody Report this