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Geoff Morgan

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1973 Lightweight MGP281:46:32.0084.99Yamaha
1972 Lightweight MGP221:47:58.0083.86Yamaha
1971 Senior MGP342:43:15.0083.21Matchless
1971 Junior MGP242:42:30.0083.59Yamaha
1970 Lightweight MGP71:47:39.0084.19Yamaha
1969 Senior MGP202:37:51.0086.06Matchless
1969 Lightweight MGP111:47:20.0084.4Yamaha
1968 Senior MGP262:46:54.0081.39Matchless
1967 Senior MGPRMatchless
1967 Junior MGP253:00:26.0075.29Norton
1966 Senior MGPRNorton
1966 Lightweight MGP141:50:08.0082.23Yamaha
1965 Senior MGP353:00:06.0075.42Norton BSA
1965 Junior MGP192:41:58.0083.87AJS
1964 Senior MGPRNorton
1964 Junior MGP102:37:00.0086.52AJS
1963 Junior MGP402:44:22.0082.65AJS


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Geoff Morgan, sadly no longer with us, is my Dad. Lot of childhood memories in the results shown here! - Nigel Morgan Report this