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Bertie Rowell

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1937 Senior MGP32:47:48.0080.97Norton
1937 Junior MGP73:04:49.0073.51Norton
1936 Senior MGPRNorton
1936 Junior MGP33:06:25.0072.88Norton
1935 Senior MGP73:03:41.0073.96Velocette
1935 Junior MGP53:05:28.0073.25Velocette
1934 Senior MGP43:06:30.0072.85Velocette
1934 Junior MGP43:08:39.0072.02Norton
1933 Senior MGP103:14:20.0069.91Velocette
1933 Junior MGP123:18:04.0068.59Velocette
1932 Senior MGP153:54:34.0057.92Velocette
1932 Junior MGPRVelocette


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I have an old photo of Bertie Rowell if you would like it - Gaye lynn Report this