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Brian Setchell

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 31, Brian Setchell is in the timber trade, and comes from Luton, Beds. Before the 1955 T.T. this (his first) he said, "I have to choose between George Brown's advice - that a bronze can be won on a push-bike - and the advice of others that I can't expect to get anywhere for the first three years!"

Well, he did win a bronze for his 48th place in the Junior raceā€”but on an A.J.S., not a push-bike. On a 1952 version of the same machine he had quite a respectable season in 1954. He competed at Silverstone, Crystal Palace, Brand's Hatch, OuIton Park, Thruxton, and Castle Combe, his best placings being second in the non-experts race at Castle Combe (and tenth in the experts class) and fourth in the non-experts at Thruxton. He was a last lap retirement in the 1956 Senior T.T. on his A.J.S., and he was similarly unfortunate in the Junior event. In 1957. however. he finished 25th in the Junior at 84.93 m.p.h. and collected a Silver Replica, whilst in 1958 he won two Silvers, for 22nd in the Junior and 26th in the Senior. In 1959 he won two Silvers again, for 19th in the Junior and 11th in the Senior. Last year he collected anothei Silver for ninth place in Junior, at 91.10 m.p.h., but had to retire on the second lap of the Senior. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p. 16.)

Competed in

1965 Lightweight TT82:38:12.4085.87Aermacchi
1965 Junior TT82:27:30.2092.09Aermacchi
1964 Senior TT72:23:15.0094.83Norton
1963 Senior TT112:22:50.0095.1Norton
1963 Junior TT122:44:03.4082.8Norton
1962 Senior TT62:23:32.6094.64Norton
1962 Junior TT112:27:43.8091.95Norton
1961 Senior TT152:25:16.4093.51Norton
1961 Junior TTRNorton
1960 Senior TTRNorton
1960 Junior TT92:29:07.4091.1Norton
1959 Senior TT113:20:15.4079.14Norton
1959 Junior TT192:59:41.2088.19Norton
1958 Senior TT262:57:07.8089.47Norton
1958 Junior TT223:02:09.4087.01Norton
1957 Senior TTRNorton
1957 Junior TT253:06:33.4084.95Norton
1956 Senior TTRAJS
1956 Junior TTRAJS
1955 Junior TT483:24:43.0077.42AJS


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