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Frank Steele

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 21, Franci Joseph Steele is an engineering student from Liverpool. He started racing in 1954 and has competed at Altcar, Aintree, Castle Combe, Kirkby Mallory, Rhydwymyn, Scarborough, Silverstone and in the Southern 100. Last year he rode in the 350 cc. Newcomers' race and finished 37th after a long stop at Sulby on the second lap.

(TT Special, Thursday, September 11, 1958 p26)

Competed in

1996 Lightweight Classic MGP101:48:16.0083.63Suzuki
1994 Lightweight Classic MGP141:51:53.0080.92Ducati
1976 Junior MGPRBeart Norton
1972 Lightweight MGP331:53:58.0079.44Honda
1969 Lightweight MGP361:57:29.0077.12Ducati
1968 Lightweight MGP261:59:19.0075.9Ducati
1966 Senior MGP483:14:35.0069.81BSA
1958 Senior MGPR0BSA
1958 Junior MGPR0BSA
1957 Junior Newcomers MGP372:04:29.0072.74BSA


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