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Roger Stockton

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2017 Sidecar 2 TTRSuzuki
2017 Sidecar 1 TTRSuzuki
2010 Sidecar A TTR
2008 Sidecar B TT181:04:27.62105.35Baker Yamaha
2008 Sidecar A TT151:04:40.29105.01Baker Yamaha
2007 Sidecar B TT131:03:47.23106.47Yamaha
2007 Sidecar A TT181:05:06.60104.3Yamaha
2006 Sidecar B TT71:04:18.23105.61Shelbourne Yamaha
2006 Sidecar A TT131:04:08.85105.87Shelbourne Yamaha
2005 Sidecar B TT91:03:51.34106.35Shelbourne
2005 Sidecar A TT91:05:39.70103.43Shelbourne
2004 Sidecar B TT121:05:25.60103.8Shelbourne Yamaha
2004 Sidecar A TT111:05:24.40103.83Shelbourne Yamaha
2003 Sidecar B TT311:15:49.6889.56Shelbourne
2003 Sidecar A TTRShelbourne
2002 Sidecar B TT191:07:31.10100.58Honda
2002 Sidecar A TT231:08:31.9099.09Honda
2000 Sidecar B TT431:14:44.6090.86Honda
2000 Sidecar A TT491:23:52.2080.97Honda


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