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Luigi Taveri

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 32, Luigi Taveri is of Swiss nationality and comes from Zurich, where he is a motor mechanic. Luigi has often been Champion of Switzerland — in the 250 c.c. class on a Guzzi, twice in the 350 c.c. (on a Velocette and an A.J.S.) and in the 500 cc. class on a Norton.

In 1955 he rode in both Lightweight T.T. races on an M.V., retiring in the "250" but finishing second in the "125". The following year he retired again in the "250" and did not compete in the "125". After the T.T. however, he was second in both 125 and 250 c.c. classes of the Dutch T.T. and second again in the 250 c.c. Belgian and German Grands Prix, whilst he won the "250" class of the Ulster.

In 1957 he was second in the "125" race immediately afterwards. He won the 125 c.c. class of Lightweight T.T. and third in the the "Ulster", and on the Continent he was second in the same class of the "Belgian" and third in the "Dutch" and "Italian". He finished the season as runner-up to the 125 c.c. World Champion.

In 1958 he was second in the 125 c.c. class of the Austrian Grand Prix, but in the 125 c.c. T.T. the following month he retired at about half distance when running second to Carlo Ubbiali. Later in the season he won the 350 c.c. class of the East German Grand Prix (on a Norton) and was second (on a Ducati) in the 125 c.c. class of the Dutch, Swedish and Ulster events.

In the 1959 Lightweight T.T., riding an M.Z., he retired on the fifth lap, but in the 125 c.c. race he was second, only five seconds behind the winner, Tarquinio Provini. After the T.T. he scored thirds, Ducati mounted, in the 125 c.c. classes of the Belgian and Italian G.P.'s and in 1960, before the T.T., he won the "125" Spanish G.P., and the "250" Saar G.P.

Still riding M.V.'s. Luigi was third in the 125 c.c. T.T. and eighth in the Lightweight (250) a few hours later. He scored thirds in the same class of Dutch T.T. and Belgian Grand Prix, and fifths in the 250 c.c. German and 125 Ulster. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p18)

Nationality: Swiss

Competed in

1966 Ultra Lightweight TT81:18:16.8086.77Honda
1966 50 TT21:20:08.4084.74Honda
1965 Ultra Lightweight TT21:12:08.4094.15Honda
1965 50 TT11:25:15.6079.66Honda
1964 Ultra Lightweight TT11:13:43.0092.14Honda
1964 Lightweight TTRHonda
1964 50 TT71:26:27.4078.56Kreidler
1963 Ultra Lightweight TT41:18:05.0086.99Honda
1963 Lightweight TTRHonda
1962 Ultra Lightweight TT11:15:34.2089.88Honda
1962 50 TT21:00:34.4074.75Honda
1961 Ultra Lightweight TT21:17:06.0088.09Honda
1960 Ultra Lightweight TT31:21:07.6083.72MV
1960 Lightweight TT82:25:34.2077.77MV
1959 Ultra Lightweight TT21:27:32.6073.95MZ
1959 Lightweight TTRMZ
1958 Ultra Lightweight TTRDucati
1957 Ultra Lightweight TT31:30:37.8071.44MV
1957 Lightweight TT21:27:12.4074.24MV
1956 Lightweight TTRMV
1955 Ultra Lightweight TT21:23:40.2069.64MV
1955 Lightweight TTRMV


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