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Bill Beevers

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 43, occupation, motor-cycle agent; home town, Sheffield. Bill Beevers is an old hand on the T.T. course, having won no fewer than nine replicas. Finished second in the 1936 Ulster Grand Prix and second in the North-West "200" of the same year. He has also gained awards in the Dutch, Italian and Swiss T.T.s. In 1947 he rode a Norton in the Junior and Senior T.T., gaining replicas in both, second-class in the Junior and first-class in the Senior, where he finished eighth at 77.56 m.p.h.

Last year he rode a Velocette in the Junior, finishing twenty-fourth, but in the senior, on a Norton, he retired on the fourth lap.

He is entered by Gordon Tools Ltd., of Sheffield, for both races. (TT Special, 13 June 1949, p.16)

Competed in

1960 Sidecar TT71:30:47.6074.81BMW
1960 Senior TT352:40:09.8084.81Norton
1960 Junior TT442:42:52.8083.4Norton
1959 Sidecar TTRNorton
1958 Sidecar TTRNorton
1958 Senior TTRNorton
1958 Junior TT403:11:28.0082.77Norton
1957 Sidecar TT141:51:06.0058.27Norton
1957 Senior TTRNorton
1957 Junior TT323:11:43.0082.66Norton
1956 Sidecar TT91:32:42.0062.86Norton
1956 Senior TT333:12:42.8082.24Norton
1956 Junior TT263:18:56.6079.66Norton
1955 Sidecar TTRNorton
1955 Senior TT383:07:53.0084.35Norton
1955 Junior TT333:12:37.0082.28Norton
1954 Sidecar TT131:51:27.2058.08Norton
1954 Senior TT291:59:01.0076.09Norton
1954 Junior TT362:19:29.0081.16Norton
1953 Senior TT193:11:15.0082.87Norton
1953 Junior TTRNorton
1952 Senior TTRNorton
1952 Junior TT183:17:55.4080.07Norton
1951 Senior TTRNorton
1951 Lightweight TTRExcelsior
1951 Junior TT393:21:52.2078.51Norton
1950 Senior TT233:15:08.0081.22Norton
1950 Junior TT413:27:19.0076.44Velocette
1949 Senior TT163:17:06.2080.41Norton
1949 Junior TT453:29:57.2075.48Velocette
1948 Senior TTRNorton
1948 Junior TT243:37:28.8072.87Velocette
1947 Senior TT83:24:20.0077.56Norton
1947 Junior TT183:42:18.0071.29Norton
1939 Senior TT193:25:07.0077.26Norton
1939 Junior TT273:34:44.0073.8Velocette
1938 Senior TT113:23:26.0077.9Norton
1938 Junior TT163:38:49.0072.43Norton
1937 Senior TT113:31:30.0074.93Norton
1937 Junior TT163:38:09.0072.65Norton
1936 Senior TT103:40:43.0071.8Norton
1935 Senior TT143:50:19.0068.82Norton
1934 Senior MGPRNorton


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