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Frank Cope

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 62, Frank Cope, a director of Cope's, the well known motor cycle agents, became prominent as a trials rider as far back as the 'twenties, but he only took to racing in the Island after the war. After two years of Clubman's racing he tried his luck in the 1949 Junior MGP in which he was 51st.

Frank's first TT was in 1950 when he was 48th in the Junior race and eighth, on an AJS Special, in the Lightweight. In 1952 he finished second in the 250 class of the Port Elizabeth 200, tieing for the fastest lap. He rode in the Junior and Lightweight TT races and won Bronze Replicas in both, finishing 37th and 15th respectively. He competed in the Port Elizabeth '200' again in 1953, finishing ninth in the Junior race and fifth in the the Lightweight, and followed up, on his return to Britain, with a 13th place in the Lightweight TT and 53rd position in the Junior.

On his MV he was sixth in the 125 cc Swedish GP in 1955. He had no luck in the TT but was third in the 350 cc 'Southern 100' at Castletown. During the winter Frank again visited South Africa and was second - on his MV - to a 500 cc BSA in the Rover Club Championship at Port Elizabeth.

In 1956 Frank was ninth in both Lightweight races, on an MV in the '125' and a Norton in the '250', but he was unlucky last year - 20th, only, in the 250 and retiring on the last lap of the 125. In the 'Temple 100' the following month, however, he was second in the General Handicap on his 250 cc. Moreton and last January was third in the 250 class at Port Elizabeth on the same machine. Hobbies: Hunting and shooting.

(TT Special, Wednesday, June 04, 1958 p6)

Competed in

1958 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1958 Lightweight TT1664.17Norton
1957 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1957 Lightweight TT201:42:16.0063.31Norton
1956 Ultra Lightweight TT91:44:18.6055.86MV
1956 Lightweight TT91:38:45.2059Norton
1955 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1955 Lightweight TTRNorton
1954 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1954 Lightweight TTRNorton
1954 Junior TTRNorton
1953 Lightweight TT132:08:57.0070.23AJS
1953 Junior TT533:42:05.0071.36AJS
1952 Lightweight TT152:06:52.8071.37AJS
1952 Junior TT373:24:00.0077.68AJS
1951 Lightweight TT82:09:22.0070AJS
1951 Junior TT523:27:21.4076.43Norton
1950 Lightweight TT83:50:34.0068.73AJS
1950 Junior TT483:31:39.8074.87AJS
1949 Senior MGPRAJS
1949 Junior MGP513:13:27.0070.23AJS
1949 Clubman Lightweight TT71:12:11.0062.73Excelsior
1948 Lightweight MGPRAJS
1948 Clubman Lightweight TT61:57:28.2057.82Velocette


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