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George Leigh

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 31, garage proprietor, of Southport, Lancs. Has ridden in five Manx Grand Prix races and has finished in them all - 1946 Senior, twenty-first; 1947 Junior, sixteenth; Senior, twenty-second; 1948 Junior, twenty-sixth; Senior, fifteenth. Also competed in the 1947 Clubman's Senior and finished fifth on a Norton.
Has this year gone "International" and is riding a 348 "Manx" Norton as supplied by the makers.
Hobbies: Swimming and weight-lifting.
(TT Special, 13 June 1949)

Competed in

1969 Production 250 TT41:23:35.2081.26Bultaco
1968 Production 250 TT21:19:41.8085.23Bultaco
1968 Lightweight TTRBultaco
1967 Production 250 TT121:27:12.4077.89Honda
1964 Ultra Lightweight TT181:27:41.6077.45Honda
1964 Lightweight TTRNSU
1961 Junior TT422:40:53.2084.43Norton
1960 Junior TT422:42:13.8083.73Norton
1956 Senior TTRNorton
1956 Junior TTRBSA
1955 Senior TTRNorton
1955 Junior TT513:39:06.0072.33BSA
1954 Senior TTRNorton
1954 Junior TT452:23:10.0079.07BSA
1953 Senior TTRNorton
1953 Junior TT353:19:55.0079.27Norton
1951 Senior TTRNorton
1951 Junior TT543:28:06.0076.16Norton
1949 Junior TT553:33:33.2074.21Norton
1948 Senior MGP153:02:58.0074.24Norton
1948 Junior MGP263:10:10.0071.43Norton
1948 Clubman Senior TTRNorton
1947 Senior MGP243:18:48.0068.35Norton
1947 Junior MGP163:13:47.0070.11Norton
1947 Clubman Senior TT52:08:25.0070.53Norton
1946 Senior MGP223:42:13.00Norton


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