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Roland Pike

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mounts: Junior – A.J.S.
Lightweight – Pike-Rudge
Senior – B.S.A.

Age 36, a motor-cycle engineer, of Bekesbourne, Canterbury. Roland Pike won several replicas at Donington before the war and finished fourth in the 1938 Manx Grand Prix Lightweight race. He entered the Lightweight T.T. in 1939 but did not finish.

When the T.T. came back in 1947 he rode his famous Rudge in the Lightweight event and a Norton in the Junior. Finished thirteenth in the latter race at 72.41 m.p.h. and gained a second-class replica, but retired in the Lightweight on his third lap.

In 1948 again on his Rudge he was second to Maurice Cann in the Lightweight T.T. and, of course, had the distinction of bringing home the first British machine.

Scored various other “seconds” and “thirds” in 250 class races and was first at Dunholme in October in the three-lap race.

In 1949 he rode an A.J.S. into 22nd place in the Junior T.T. averaging 77.84 m.p.h. and winning a first-class replica. In the Lightweight race of the following Friday he again had the honour of bringing the first British machine home – the same old Rudge – this time third to two Guzzis in the hands of Manliff Barrington and Tommy Wood.

He rode an A.J.S. again in the 1950 Junior T.T. and finished 14th at 80.53 m.p.h. His Rudge for the Lightweight had been rebuilt with a new frame and hubs, whilst the engine had an alloy cyclinder head and barrel. On this machine he finished fourth at 74.14 m.p.h. He collected first-class replicas in both Junior and Lightweight races.

In the 250 class of the Ulster grand Prix he forsook his Rudge and rode a Benelli. He was running second to Maurice Cann for the first two laps but soon after he retired with a seized engine. Back on the Rudge for the Grand Prix des Nations at Monza, he again was unlucky, retiring at about quarter-distance.

Hobby: “Ladies Hairdressing.”

He is riding a 7R A.J.S. in the Junior and his famous Pike-Rudge in the Lightweight, and a single cylinder B.S.A. in the Senior.
(TT Special, 6 June 1951, pp.11-12.)

Junior - A.J.S.
Lightweight - Rudge

Age 34, the older of the racing Pike brothers. “R.H.” is a motor-cycle engineer with a business in Edgware. Has won several replicas and places at Donnington, and finished fourth in the Manx Grand Prix Lightweight in 1938. Entered the Lightweight T.T. in 1938, but did not finish. Is a lap record holder and winner of the “250” Championship at Cadwell Park. Has had several wins and places in post-war Aerodrome race meetings.

Rode his famous Rudge in last year’s Lightweight and a Norton in the Junior. Finished thirteenth in the latter race at 72.41 m.p.h. and gained a second class replica, but retired in the Lightweight on his third lap.
(TT Special, 11 June 1948, p.12.)

Competed in

1952 Senior TTRBSA
1952 Lightweight TT132:02:28.0073.95Rudge
1952 Junior TTRBSA
1951 Senior TT213:16:30.4080.65BSA
1951 Lightweight TTRRudge
1951 Junior TTRAJS
1950 Lightweight TT43:33:45.0074.14Rudge
1950 Junior TT143:16:47.6080.53AJS
1949 Lightweight TT33:37:42.6072.79Rudge
1949 Junior TT223:23:35.2077.84AJS
1948 Lightweight TT23:40:33.4071.85Rudge
1948 Junior TTRAJS
1947 Lightweight TTRRudge
1947 Junior TT133:38:51.0072.41Norton
1939 Lightweight TTRRudge
1938 Lightweight MGP43:19:29.0068.11Rudge
1937 Lightweight MGPRRudge


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