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Derek Powell

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age, 33, Derek Powell of Bournemouth first rode in the T.T. in 1955, after a long experience of the course gained through Clubman's and Manx Grand Prix rides.

His Clubman's record covers several years, during which he competed on various B.S.A. machines—including a "Star Twin" in one Senior event—and his first finish on the Leader Board occurred In 1952, when he was fifth in the Junior Clubman's at 77.26 m.p.h. The following year he brought the B.S.A. home to win the Junior Clubman's at 80.17 m.p.h., setting up a record lap at 80.96 m.p.h.; in the Senior race he was fourth on a Triumph.

Derek rode Notions in the 1953 Manx Grand Prix, finishing most creditably in both events—third In the Junior and sixth in the Senior. In 1954 he did better still, being fifth in the Junior Manx and second in the Senior.

He was second in the 1955 Thruxton Nine-Hours race (500 c.c.. class), and won two Silver Replicas in the T.T. races, being placed 18th in the Junior event. and ninth in the Senior. In 1956 he was seventh in the Junior T.T. on an A.J.S. (at 83.73 m.p.h.) but retired in the Senior on the last lap. He was unlucky again in 1957, retiring in both Junior and Senior races, and his luck was still out in the 1958 Junior, for he retired on the sixth lap. In the Senior, however, he came home 20th at 90.61 m.p.h. and won a Silver replica.

Derek had a good week in the Island in 1959. He was seventh in the 500 c.c. Formula I race and 18th in the Junior T.T. at 88.42 m.p.h., with a Silver Replica; and he scored his "best-ever" T.T. placing in the Soaking Senior, in which he finished fourth with, of course, another "Silver." Last year he was 18th in both Junior aitd Senior T.T. races, collecting two more Silver Replicas.

He is entered for both races by Jenkin and Purser Ltd. of Southampton.

Hobbies: Rifle shooting at vermin and small game, swimming—and driving fast sports cars. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p. 8.)

Competed in

1962 Senior TT92:26:46.0092.55Matchless
1962 Junior TT152:30:26.4090.3AJS
1961 Senior TT162:26:32.2092.7Matchless
1961 Junior TT142:30:51.6090.05AJS
1960 Senior TT182:25:38.0093.27Matchless
1960 Junior TT182:31:43.8089.53AJS
1959 Senior TT43:11:14.2082.87Matchless
1959 Junior TT182:59:13.6088.42AJS
1959 Formula 1 500 TT71:13:00.6093.03Matchless
1958 Senior TT202:54:53.6090.61Norton
1958 Junior TTRNorton
1957 Senior TTRMatchless
1957 Junior TTRAJS
1956 Senior TTRMatchless
1956 Junior TT73:09:16.0083.73AJS
1955 Senior TT92:55:25.2090.34Matchless
1955 Junior TT183:06:50.0084.83AJS
1954 Senior MGP22:48:02.0080.83Norton
1954 Junior MGP52:42:52.0083.4Norton
1953 Senior MGP62:39:00.0085.43Norton
1953 Junior MGP32:42:31.0083.59Norton
1953 Clubman Senior TT41:22:25.8082.4Triumph
1953 Clubman Junior TT11:52:57.8080.17BSA
1952 Clubman Junior TT51:57:17.4077.26BSA
1951 Clubman Junior TTRBSA


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