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Jack Thurston

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 40. John (Curly) Thurston, comes from Scunthorpe, Lincs., is a furnace charger driver in a steelworks. His first-ever race was the 1953 Junior Manx, and since then he has kept to the Island, riding in the Clubman's and M.G.P. events. He finished 56th in the 1956 Junior Manx and 45th in the Senior, and in 1957 he was 38th in the Junior, whilst in 1958 he was 58th in the Junior. He has collected nine Finishers' Plaques, including one last year for his 41st position in the Junior. His machine is a 1959 model, with this year's "mods." He writes: "This will he my last ride — except for a Pools win, of course!--as I was married early this year in the I.o.M, to a Manx Miss, and we will be setting up home towards the end of September at Broughton, near Brigg, Lincs." (TT Special, 7 September 1961, p. 13).

Competed in

1960 Junior MGP412:50:23.0079.73Norton
1959 Junior MGP632:57:23.0076.57BSA
1958 Senior MGPR0BSA
1958 Junior MGP563:16:32.0069.12BSA
1957 Senior MGPR0BSA
1957 Junior MGP382:52:56.0078.55BSA
1956 Senior MGP453:00:47.0075.13BSA
1956 Junior MGP563:03:47.0073.91BSA
1955 Senior MGP533:07:02.0072.63BSA
1955 Junior MGPR0Norton
1955 Clubman Junior TT171:36:42.2060.25BSA
1954 Senior MGP303:23:56.0066.01BSA
1954 Junior MGPR0BSA
1954 Clubman Junior TT222:00:18.0075.28BSA
1953 Junior MGP343:04:09.0073.76BSA


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