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Brian Warburton

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 30, Warburton is a partner in a small garage (car repairs), and comes from Heaton Norris, Stockport. He rode in the 1957 350 c.c. Newcomers' race but retired on the second hip at Sulby Bridge. He came back to the Island again in 1958 to ride in the 350 c.c. Snaefell race in which he finished 20th at 77.13 m.p.h. In 1959 he was 24th in the Senior, winning a replica, whilst last year he was 13th in the Senior at 88.87 m.p.h. with, of course, another "Rep." His Senior machine is a 1959 model—the one he rode in that year's race—but his Junior is of 1961 brew.,loaned to him by Bardsley Bros., of Caernarvon. (TT Special, 7 September 1961, p.13)

Competed in

1988 Production C TTRHonda
1976 Senior TTRSuzuki
1976 Production TTRSuzuki
1975 Senior TTRSuzuki
1975 Lightweight TT281:36:50.0093.51Yamaha
1974 Senior TTRSuzuki
1974 Lightweight TT91:41:11.8089.48Yamaha
1974 Junior TT362:02:12.0092.62Yamaha
1973 Senior TT142:26:19.8092.82Yamaha
1973 Lightweight TTRYamaha
1973 Junior TTRYamaha
1972 Senior TTRYamaha
1972 Production 500 TTRSuzuki
1972 Lightweight TT151:39:10.0091.32Yamaha
1972 Junior TTRYamaha
1971 Lightweight TTRYamaha
1971 Junior TTRYamaha
1971 Formula 750 TTRYamaha
1970 Senior MGP142:32:58.0088.8Norton
1970 Junior MGPRYamaha
1969 Senior MGP32:27:17.0092.23Norton
1969 Production 500 TT71:22:37.8082.21Triumph
1969 Junior MGPRYamaha
1968 Senior MGP272:48:31.0080.61Norton
1968 Lightweight MGP71:47:46.0084.1Yamaha
1967 Senior MGPRNorton
1967 Production 250 TT151:39:51.6068.02Yamaha
1967 Lightweight MGPRGreeves
1966 Senior MGP72:31:32.0089.64Norton
1966 Lightweight MGP131:50:08.0082.23Yamaha
1965 Senior MGP32:37:21.0086.33Norton
1965 Lightweight MGP21:42:46.0088.12Yamaha
1964 Senior MGPRNorton
1964 Junior MGPRNorton
1963 Senior MGP92:31:51.0089.46Norton
1963 Junior MGP52:30:47.0090.09Norton
1962 Senior MGP152:39:12.0085.33Norton
1962 Junior MGP412:51:59.0078.98Norton
1961 Senior MGP172:32:28.0089.1Norton
1961 Junior MGP142:59:06.0075.85Norton
1960 Senior MGP132:32:50.0088.87Norton
1960 Junior MGPR0Norton
1959 Senior MGP242:37:29.0086.26Norton
1958 Junior Snaefell MGP201:57:28.0077.13Norton
1958 Junior MGPR0Norton
1957 Junior Newcomers MGPR0Norton


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I am his eldest daughter and would just like to say thank you for remembering him. His wife Irene pasted just before Christmas last year, she never married, she kept faithful to his memory for the rest of her life. - Suzanne Wilson Report this

Brian Warburton was my late mums family he and my late dad Bert wheeldon were always together in his garage many years ago and my mum always went there to skive collage , Brian use to take my mum on the back of his speed way bike - Tina wheeldon Report this