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Ken Edwards

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2017 Sidecar 2 TT71:02:38.524108.416Baker
2017 Sidecar 1 TT131:03:32.775106.873Baker
2014 Sidecar 2 TT191:04:58.49104.52LCR Suzuki
2014 Sidecar 1 TT191:05:28.86103.71LCR Suzuki
2013 Sidecar A TTR44:36.684LCR
2013 Sidecar 2 TT91:03:43.43106.576LCR Honda
2012 Sidecar B TT71:03:42.93106.589Shelbourne Honda
2012 Sidecar A TT51:03:14.92107.376Shelbourne Honda
2011 Sidecar B TT91:03:15.50107.36Honda
2011 Sidecar A TTRHonda
2010 Sidecar B TT111:04:59.78104.489Ireson Honda
2010 Sidecar A TT121:04:02.58106.045Honda
2009 Sidecar A TTRHonda


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