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George Goodwin

Epithet: Artist (1851-1922)

Record type: Biographies

Biography: George Goodwin was the son of an English schoolmaster, also George Goodwin, who taught in Peel. His older brother was Edmund Goodwin, a Manx schoolteacher who was a founder member of 'Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh' (Manx Language Society) and who wrote the book 'First Lessons in Manx' (1901) to accompany the Manx language classes he ran in Peel.

Goodwin lived in Peel all his life and worked as a house painter. In his spare time he was an enthusiastic and energetic local historian, compiling amongst many things 'The Genealogical Scrapbook' (which lists the family trees of several of the Island’s families) and publishing 'Manx Annals of Eighty years ago' (1919). He was also a prolific amateur photographer recording Peel and the surrounding area in the early 1900s; several of his prints survive in the collections of Manx National Heritage.

George Goodwin was a prolific amateur painter during the late 1880s and early 1890s. He exhibited 20 paintings, mainly oils, on the Island between 1889 and 1896, most of which depict views in and around Peel. Manx National Heritage has 15 examples of his oil paintings in its collections and the dated examples all range from the period 1888 to 1891. His most popular subjects were Peel Castle and Glen Rushen - the area to the south of Peel.

Occupation / profession: artist

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 1851

Place of birth: Peel, Isle of Man

Date of death: 1922

Place of death: Peel, Isle of Man


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