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Stanley Woods

TT Rider 1930s: the first generation of professional factory riders

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Stanley Woods was born in Dublin in 1903. He was the most successful pre-war rider and the first rider to achieve the distinction of 10 TT wins.

Woods rode in 37 TT races between 1922 and 1939, starting on Cotton motorcycles and then becoming one of the Norton factory Dream Team which dominated the early 1930s TT races. A successful professional rider, Woods moved to rival factory teams who could offer the most competitive machines such as Moto Guzzi and Velocette.

Woods was an extremely competitive rider finishing either in the top 6 places (usually first or second) or retiring because he had pushed his bike, such as the German DKW or Swedish Husqvarna, beyond its limits.

Gender: Male

Competed in

1922 Junior TT53:50:33.0049.11Cotton
1923 Junior TT14:03:47.0055.74Cotton
1923 Lightweight TTRCotton
1923 Senior TTRScott
1924 Junior TTRCotton
1924 Senior TTRCotton
1925 Junior TTRRoyal Enfield
1925 Lightweight TTRNew Imperial
1926 Senior TT13:54:39.8067.54Norton
1927 Senior TTRNorton
1928 Junior TTRNorton
1928 Senior TT54:22:19.0060.42Norton
1929 Junior TTRNorton
1929 Senior TTRNorton
1930 Junior TT63:47:26.0069.69Norton
1930 Senior TTRNorton
1931 Junior TT43:42:01.0071.39Norton
1931 Senior TT33:27:36.0076.35Norton
1932 Junior TT13:25:25.0077.16Norton
1932 Senior TT13:19:40.0079.38Norton
1933 Junior TT13:23:00.0078.98Norton
1933 Senior TT13:15:35.0081.04Norton
1934 Lightweight TT43:54:41.0067.54Guzzi
1934 Senior TTRHusqvarna
1935 Lightweight TT13:41:29.0071.56Guzzi
1935 Senior TT13:07:10.0084.68Guzzi
1936 Junior TTRVelocette
1936 Senior TT23:05:01.0085.66Velocette
1936 Lightweight TTRDKW
1937 Senior TT22:59:56.0088.09Velocette
1937 Junior TT43:12:30.0082.33Velocette
1937 Lightweight TTRGuzzi
1938 Junior TT13:08:30.0084.08Velocette
1938 Senior TT22:58:05.8088.99Velocette
1939 Junior TT13:10:30.0083.19Velocette
1939 Senior TT43:00:17.0087.91Velocette
1939 Lightweight TTRGuzzi


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