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Dave Molyneux

Epithet: Manx Sidecar Racer

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Dave Molyneux, the son of sidecar racer John Molyneux, was born and raised on the Isle of Man. Starting with a second hand sidecar outfit at Jurby racetrack, Molyneux soon began to construct and race his own machines.

Combining his racing experience and skills as a metal fabricator, Molyneux produces some of the most sought-after British sidecar outfits for both himself and other competitors. With Honda factory support, Molyneux was the first to break the 20 minute lap barrier and is the most successful TT sidecar competitor with 17 wins.

His need to achieve complete concentration before a race has led some media commentators to nickname him ‘Moody Moly’, but few can doubt his total commitment to his sport. He says: “Racing is what I do, it’s what I know”

Gender: Male

Competed in

2018 Sidecar 2 TTRDMR Yamaha
2018 Sidecar 1 TTRDMR Yamaha
2017 Sidecar 2 TTRYamaha
2017 Sidecar 1 TT359:16.353114.579Yamaha
2016 Sidecar 2 TTRHonda
2016 Sidecar 1 TTR
2015 Sidecar 2 TT258:32.56116.008Suzuki
2015 Sidecar 1 TTRSuzuki
2014 Sidecar 2 TT11:00:01.35113.14DMR
2014 Sidecar 1 TTRDMR Kawasaki
2013 Sidecar A TT31:00:03.61113.07DMR Kawasaki
2013 Sidecar 2 TT20:59:39.69113.83DMR Kawasaki
2012 Sidecar B TT11:00:03.80113.07DMR
2012 Sidecar A TT11:00:04.29113.05DMR
2010 Sidecar B TTRDMR Kawasaki
2010 Sidecar A TT20:59:24.24114.32DMR Kawasaki
2009 Sidecar A TT10:58:59.28115.13DMR Suzuki
2008 Sidecar B TT20:59:45.31113.65DMR Suzuki
2008 Sidecar A TTRDMR Suzuki
2007 Sidecar B TT10:59:39.11113.85Honda
2007 Sidecar A TT11:00:49.06111.66Honda
2005 Sidecar B TT10:56:06.39114.9DMR Honda
2005 Sidecar A TTRDMR Honda
2004 Sidecar B TT11:01:04.20111.2DMR Honda
2004 Sidecar A TT11:01:00.00111.33DMR Honda
2003 Sidecar B TT11:04:25.17105.42Honda
2003 Sidecar A TTRHonda
2002 Sidecar B TT21:01:33.20110.33Honda
2002 Sidecar A TT41:02:17.10109.03Honda
1999 Sidecar B TTRHonda
1999 Sidecar A TT11:00:41.50111.9Honda
1998 Sidecar TT11:03:54.10106.52Honda
1996 Sidecar B TT11:01:34.80110.28DMR
1996 Sidecar A TT11:01:50.60109.81DMR
1995 Sidecar B TT21:03:55.80106.23DMR
1994 Sidecar B TT21:06:27.80102.18DMR
1994 Sidecar A TT21:04:39.20105.81DMR
1993 Sidecar B TT11:05:50.00103.16Yamaha
1993 Sidecar A TT11:05:43.40103.33Yamaha
1992 Sidecar B TT31:07:54.20100.01Kawasaki
1992 Sidecar A TT61:08:28.4099.18Kawasaki
1991 Sidecar B TT31:09:04.6098.31Kawasaki
1991 Sidecar A TTRKawasaki
1989 Sidecar B TT31:04:31.20105.26Yamaha
1989 Sidecar A TT11:04:57.00104.56Yamaha
1988 Sidecar B TTRYamaha
1988 Sidecar A TT61:05:37.60103.48Yamaha
1987 Sidecar B TTRYamaha
1987 Sidecar A TT101:08:56.2098.51Yamaha
1986 Sidecar B TTRYamaha
1986 Sidecar A TTRYamaha
1985 Sidecar A TTRYamaha


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