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William Cubbon

Epithet: Journalist, librarian and director of the Manx Museum (1865-1955)

Record type: Photographs

Biography: William Cubbon achieved many things in his life: he became Douglas Borough Librarian, one of the founders of the Manx Language Society, President to the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society and Director of the Manx Museum from 1932 to 1940. Throughout his distinguished career he had always aimed to "...promote Manx national interests to create a higher ideal among the people as to their duty to the country, and to influence a higher degree of patriotism." William Cubbon.

His deep patriotic love for the Island came from his childhood days in Port St Mary, spent in the company of farmers and fisherman from whom he first absorbed their language, customs and lore. 'Cubbon's patriotism was not the narrow nationalism which seeks to vaunt the achievements of one nation over another's. It sought rather to advance the intrinsic merits and self esteem of all. He strove all his life to convince those of his countrymen, who needed to be convinced, that not only was their cultural and linguistic heritage well worthy of preservation but that its value extended far beyond the shores of their own little Island, and above all...that it is no mean thing to be a Manxman.' 100 Years of Heritage.

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 1865

Date of death: 1955


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