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Thomas Dodd

Epithet: Manx language student (1883-1963)

Record type: Biographies

Biography: Tom Dodd was born in Douglas and attended the Grammar School. After school he worked as a clerk with the IOM Bank where he remained for the rest of his life, achieving the post of manager of the Isle of Man Bank in Peel.

Anything Manx interested him and he was a regular attendee at the Manx classes held in the Harbour Master’s office in Peel. According to Leslie Quirk the Manx students attending the Peel classes didn’t have many printed resources in Manx apart from the Bible and Goodwin’s 'First Lessons in Manx' until, “…Tom Dodd really started going through it and writing things down backed up by his great friend Percy Kelly who ran classes in Port St. Mary and at the Manx Museum.” Leslie recalls that he and his brother and sister spent many extra evenings with Tom Dodd going through the basic Manx grammar from Goodwin.

Tom was a very active member of the local community regularly giving recitations at local gatherings including meetings of the Peel Sisterhood, no doubt drawing on his experience of performing with the Peel Players.

Gender: Male

Name Variant: Dodd


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