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Corrody Keeill

Period: Early Medieval - Late Medieval

NGR Easting: 237550

NGR Northing: 489224

Description: Medieval chapel; Bronze Age burial mound. The site lies in a field which is known as Cronk y Keeillee. The chapel is orientated NE-SW, with a doorway towards the west end of the ‘north’ wall.

It was investigated by the Manx Archaeological Survey (1915) and was found to measure 5.4 by 2.7m. The walls were 1.1m thick on average and stood 0.9m high internally: the floor is slightly sunken. No architectural features such as windows were recognised, and no remains of the altar survived. A partially paved floor was revealed.

The chapel had been constructed in the ruined remains of a Bronze Age burial mound which still stands to a height of 0.5m. The surrounding circle of stones, measuring 12m in diameter, represents the surviving stone revetment constructed to retain the mound. Several boulders are still visible, the largest standing 0.7m high. The revetment has been damaged historically by agricultural activity.

Beneath the floor of the chapel a Bronze Age cinerary urn, inverted over a cremation, was discovered. The Survey found no trace of any lintel graves.

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Site & Monument Type: Keeill

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: 0445.00


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