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Sigurd Cross Slab

Period: Early Medieval

NGR Easting: 238350

NGR Northing: 500030

Description: This stone was discovered at Ballaconley keeill (PRN 0299) near the eastern edge of the parish. The surface has been heavily damaged, but both faces show a large ring-headed cross with arms and shaft decorated with interlace. One face is very badly worn and flaked, but shows remains of tendril-pattern on the panel to the left of the shaft, and a cockerel, symbol of the Resurrection, above the ring.

The other face bears double twist-and-ring interlace on the shaft. The space to the right shows Sigurd slaying Fafnir; the latter is seen writhing as he is stabbed by Sigurd, who is crouched in a pit as described in the Volsunga saga. A later scene is depicted below showing Sigurd who, while roasting the heart of the dragon, scalds his fingers and cools them in his mouth. Below again is Sigurd’s steed Grani, next to a tree and a bird, whose language, according to the saga, Sigurd is now able to understand.

The edge of the slab is decorated with plain key-fret.

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Site & Monument Type: cross

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: Manx Cross 119


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