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Cashtal Yn Ard

Period: Neolithic

NGR Easting: 246220

NGR Northing: 489220

Description: Neolithic chambered tomb. The well-preserved chambered tomb of Cashtal yn Ard is situated on raised land giving views overlooking most of the parish of Maughold and across the sea to the Lake District. Although the stone cairn has been stripped away, the largest, firmly-set stones create a dramatic burial site.

The impressive arcade of the sharply curved forecourt, now restored, measures 6.7m wide by 5.8m deep. The largest of the stones forming the forecourt stand 2.3m above ground level. Five stone-built chambers extend eastwards from the forecourt, each chamber separated from its companion by lateral stone slabs. The maximum height of the stones forming the chambers is 1m, gradually reducing eastwards. The longest of the chambers is 3.2m and the shortest is 2m long; the average width is 1.2m. The overall length of the tomb is 39m.

When first recorded in the 19th century, the cairn was clearly almost rectangular, and stood almost 1.2m high, the body of the cairn being revetted behind post-and-panel walling. The walling, most of the cairn material, and some of the orthostats forming the forecourt were removed in the middle of the 19th century for house building.

A few flints and some sherds of Neolithic pottery were found in the chambers.

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Site & Monument Type: burial cairn, chambered

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: 0557.00