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Glen Maye Mill

Period: Modern

NGR Easting: 223635

NGR Northing: 479695

Description: Modern miller's house.

The Ordnance Survey 1:2500 First Edition mapping of 1868-9 shows a building together with the annotation, 'Corn Mill'.

The mill was a small structure located immediately adjacent to the road bridge crossing the Glen Rushen river in the bottom of the valley. It was part of a complex that included several other structures on the south side of the road.

The miller's house was located on the north side of the road. The overflow race which diverted water fro mthe more northerly of the two leats lay just above the miller's house, so protecting this and the mill.

The miller's house still stands today (at the grid reference provided), and bears the name, 'Mill House'

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Site & Monument Type: miller's house

Category: National Monuments Record: Archaeological Sites [multi-site component]

Site ID number: 2773.60


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