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Cloughen Corra

Period: Bronze Age

NGR Easting: 222190

NGR Northing: 471640

Description: Undated burial mounds.

The name Cloughen corra ('odd stones') is recorded on an early 18th century deed. The name was applied to a group of stones whose number has gradually diminished to the single survivor standing today.

Oswald's 'Vestigia' of 1860 records 'A few paces eastward from this (i.e. of the standing stones) there are two low tumuli'. In commenting on Oswald's observation in 1930 PMC Kermode (director of the Manx Museum 1922-32), states that one mound 'could still be traced a few years ago'.

No obvious signs of mounds survive today to the east of the standing stone, in the absence of which the grid reference provided refers to the centre of the former field existing when Oswald noted their presence.

Kermode goes on to state that 'probably it was from one of these that the Urn came which is said to have been found at the Standing Stones in 1878.' Kermode appears to be referring to the Archaeological Commissioners' report, but manuscript notes recorded by JR Bruce of the Manx Museum describe only sherds of an urn as being ploughed up 'within 100yds SE' of the standing stones. The urn has not been identified within the Manx National Heritage collections, and may not survive.

Together, these observations appear to place up to two possible burial mounds and a possible inhumation, cremation, or earth-fast pot a short distance (and certainly within what was then the same field, OS Field no. 0285) east of the standing stones. The assumption made by these antiquarian observers is that the earthworks and the discovery of pottery imply the existence of - probably Bronze Age - burial activity.

Modern reconfiguration of the surrounding field boundaries and a trackway has significantly changed the landscape context of this site from that in which most of the antiquarian observations were made, whilst also diminishing the extent to which the remains survive as upstanding features, which together makes their interpretation difficult.

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Site & Monument Type: burial mound

Category: National Monuments Record: Archaeological Sites [multi-site component]

Site ID number: 0190.30


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