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Maughold Cross Slab

Period: Early Medieval

NGR Easting: 249235

NGR Northing: 491705

Description: This slab once stood on the village green west of the churchyard, though its earlier history is unknown. It is one of the largest cross slabs to have been found on the Island, and among the most highly decorated.

One face bears a cross with vertical limbs stretching almost the full length of the slab. The cross is edged with a plain bead, which forms a minature ring around the crossing of the limbs. The cross is undecorated except for several figures and a small ring of step-pattern in the centre, to either side of which is a bird. On the lower limb are the Virgin and Child, while on the upper is a priest with hands raised, a pastoral staff at his side. Above him are the remains of a cockerel, symbol of the Resurrection. The two arms also contain birds. The surrounding panels are filled with interlace, including some unusual key-pattern and key-fret.

The other face is divided into two panels, the space between decorated with key-pattern and spirals. The upper panel, cable-bordered, contains a cross similar to that on the other face. Above the left arm is an unfinished key-pattern, while above the right is a step-pattern and a plain twist. Below is a plait-of-three on the left, and an angular design on the right. The lower panel is divided down the middle. To the left a hound chases two stags and a hind, while on the right is a horseman. The rest of the panel is filled with a number of interlace motifs, including a plait-of-four and an angular keyfret.

One edge has an incised design akin to a line of waves in profile, either side of which are a series of dots; below are two compressed C-spirals back to back, and below these, a plait-of-three. The other edge is decorated with a flat border, within which a series of motifs are carved from top to bottom: angular key-fret, diagonal rings interlaced, double spirals back to back, rectangular key-pattern, diagonal rings again, and a double beaded plait-of-three, with pellets.

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Site & Monument Type: cross

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: Manx Cross 98


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