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Union Mills Methodist Chapel War Memorial

Period: n.d.

NGR Easting: 235389

NGR Northing: 477858

Description: Painted on glass, five segments divided by lead strips (similar to a stained glass window). Held together in a wooden frame.

Inscription in segments 1, 2 and 3 reads as follows: "To the glory of / God and in the loving / memory of our boys who / have given their lives during the / Great War 1914-1918, / erected by the / congregation of / the memorial chapel."

Segments 4 and 5 list eight names with details of regiment or ship.

Information provided by the Isle of Man Government Preservation of War Memorials Committee.

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Site & Monument Type: roll of honour

Category: Isle of Man National Inventory of War Memorials

Site ID number: IOM_NIWM_BRA_00011


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