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The Smelt, Derbyhaven Smelthouse

Period: 1711

NGR Easting: 228555

NGR Northing: 467321

Description: 18th century smelthouse. These are the remains of a smelt-house built at Derbyhaven by John Murrey in 1711 as a warehouse and smelting-hearth in connection with the lead-mining industry, although it seems mainly to have served as a metalworking shop. Conversion to agricultural uses in the early 19th century involved complete reroofing, the blocking of some original openings and construction of new ones. It is certainly one of the few major early 18th century buildings erected specifically for an industrial purpose in the Island and was possibly one of the oldest surviving examples of its kind in Britain.

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Site & Monument Type: smelting house

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: 0139.00

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