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Cass ny Hawin Long House

Period: Medieval

NGR Easting: 229772

NGR Northing: 469249

Description: Medieval longhouse.

Prior to investigation in 1957, there were clear surface indications of a building in the interior of the fort, but excavation proved it to be rectangular and orientated NW-SE, with bowed walls and internal measurements of 7.5m by 4m.

There was a possible entrance 2m wide in the south-east corner, but no trace of stonework. Another possible entrance pierced the wall on the north-east, though this lay perilously close to the cliff edge. Apart from a few postholes for support for the roof and entrance, little else survived to indicate the construction of the walls, which seem to have been of earth and turf. There was a rudimentary raised bench along each long wall and at the west gable, formed by cutting down into the bedrock in the centre of the building. There were also signs of a central hearth, though this took the form of burnt material rather than a built structure.

The excavator believed that the house represented Medieval reoccupation of the site.

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Site & Monument Type: longhouse

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: 0074.30