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Keeill Ingan

Period: Early Medieval

NGR Easting: 232740

NGR Northing: 477370

Description: Medieval chapel and burial ground. The site lies in a slight valley and consists of a subrectangular enclosure measuring 27 by 20m surrounded by a substantial bank. The interior of the enclosure is raised to a more level profile than the surround land, which falls eastwards towards a stream gully, and is planted with trees. The site was investigated by the Manx Archaeological Survey in 1908.

The chapel measures just 4 by 3m internally, and has a door placed unusually towards the east end of the south wall. The turf-capped walls survive to a height of 1.2m above the floor, but no window openings have been recognised. Investigation of the interior by the Survey found evidence of pottery and ash, leading to the suggestion that the site had previously been used for prehistoric burials or cremations. The limited excavations of the Survey did not identify any Christian burials, but the raised nature of the substantial and well preserved enclosure implies that inhumations are present.

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Site & Monument Type: Keeill

Category: National Monuments Record: Statutory Ancient Monuments

Site ID number: 0303.00

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