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Flying Fortress B17G - 38856 Aircraft Memorial, North Barrule, Maughold

Period: 1995-08-05

NGR Easting: 225770

NGR Northing: 475918

Description: Inscription reads as follows: "On this hillside at 10:25 a.m. on the 23rd April 1945 / a Flying Fortress B17G-38856 crashed with the loss of 31 / American servicemen. The aircraft belonged to the 381st heavy / bombardment group, 533rd squadron based at Ridgewell in / Essex and was on a ferry flight to Nutts corner in N. Ireland. / This memorial was erected in memory of those who lost / their lives here and in other aircraft accidents in these hills, by / Maughold Parish Commissioners and the Manx Aviation / Preservation Society on 5th August 1995."

Slate plaque set into large boulder.

Erected 5 August 1995.

Information provided by the Isle of Man Government Preservation of War Memorials Committee.

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Site & Monument Type: stone of remembrance

Category: Isle of Man National Inventory of War Memorials

Site ID number: IOM_NIWM_MAU_00007


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