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Have I Got News For Yessir! The Cartoons of Phil Woodford

This exhibition celebrates cartoonist Phil Woodford’s light hearted take on the Island’s news stories – past and present. It showcases a selection of his work printed in the Isle of Man Examiner and published via Facebook.

Phil Woodford developed a love of drawing whilst training as a lithographer at the Hull School of Art during the 1950s. He began drawing cartoons as a way to record humorous events in the workplace and to entertain his workmates.

Phil and his family moved to live in the Isle of Man in 1967. For over 40 years he has captured everyday events in cartoon form. Continuing to delight his family and friends with his quirky take on events of the day!

After some years Phil approached Isle of Man Newspapers with a view to drawing a weekly cartoon for the Isle of Man Examiner. His offer was accepted and his cartoons appeared regularly during the early 2000’s. Each topical cartoon poked gentle fun at Manx new stories. They were a great hit with readers.

In 2013 Phil’s cartoon habit took social media by storm. His ‘Phil Woodford Cartoons’ Facebook page is very popular and today has an impressive following.

“My motivation has always been to raise a smile from people. From an early age I learnt that a good sense of humour helps us all as we journey through life.

My cartoons represent a simple way of illustrating a point of view, and if it can be done in a humorous and sympathetic way, even better. Sometimes a news story just seems plain wrong or ridiculous to me. These silly stories are the subject matter I enjoy most.  As they say a picture tells a thousand words.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the cartoons.

 Phil Woodford, 2018


Dun’ Trottin’

The news that Douglas Council planned to sell off ‘redundant’ tram stock caused plenty of excitement. Especially amongst the horses.

2016 Phil Woodford Cartoons Facebook

Ploughing the Promenade

The debate over when and what the Douglas Promenade regeneration scheme will look like has been rumbling on for many  years. Everyone agrees it needs to get done. No one can agree on what to do and how much it should cost!

It is now hoped the regeneration works will begin in September 2018. Fingers crossed.

2017 Phil Woodford Facebook

Space Tourism

Always keen to diversify our economy. In recent years the Isle of Man has become the somewhat unlikely location as a centre for space tourism. A report in 2016 stated the Isle of Man was the 7th most likely country in the world to start space flights!

c.2017 Phil Woodford Facebook

The Peggy

Manx National Heritage removed the famous 18th century schooner, The Peggy, from the cellar of the Nautical Museum in Castletown. The difficult operation meant the historic vessel was craned over the roof of the building. It drew large crowds.

The Peggy is currently undergoing conservation and will return to Castletown in a few years time.

2015 Phil Woodford Facebook

Rainbow Benches

Peel Commissioners decided to brighten up their promenade benches by painting them in rainbow colours. They were unaware at the time that rainbow colours are also the symbol of gay pride.

The benches received much international coverage and Peel was celebrated for its inclusive attitude. Peel Commissioners were surprised by the attention, but delighted to have inadvertently championed gay rights.

2015 Phil Woodford Facebook

Horse Tram Pier

During the debate on the future of the horse trams it was suggested that the derelict Queen’s Pier in Ramsey might provide the solution of two historic problems!

2017 Phil Woodford Facebook

The exhibition is open at the House of Manannan, Peel from 5 May until 5 August 2018. Admission is free, with donations welcome.