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The Nation’s Paintings

Posted on 04.11.2015

PCF. Isle Of Man Catalogue Images

Manx National Heritage has worked closely with the Public Catalogue Foundation’s Digitisation Services in recent years, encouraging greater public access to the National Art Collection.

At the Manx Museum we care for a rich and varied collection of art, but we don’t have the space to display the collection in its entirety – only a small percentage of our art is displayed at any given time. With this in mind, we were delighted when the Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF) asked to photograph and catalogue each and every one of our oil paintings, as part of their major project to capture art collections around Britain. Thanks to the PCF, Manx National Heritage’s full collection of oil paintings is now online at BBC Your Paintings.

What’s more, you can get involved by helping to tag the nation’s art collection on BBC Your Paintings; choosing your own words to describe what can be seen in a selection of paintings and helping to classify them. This will make it much easier to search the National Art Collection online.

The National Art Collection is available to view on iMuseum, along with other artworks from the Manx National Heritage collections. If you take a liking to one of our paintings, there’s also the option to buy a print online for your very own personal art gallery at home.

Hannah Murphy (Manx National Heritage Assistant Curator)